What I Want To See For Myself In 2020

2020, amongst being a fresh start is symbolic to “the year of perfect vision.”

A new year yields “resolutions” a time to reflect on years past and figure out what one can do for betterment in the years to come.

 I’m entering 2020, at 20 years of age. I am three semesters away from graduating undergrad, and therefore I am inches away from the start of my independent life. 

The plans I have for my future are to further establish myself financially and spiritually. With those two combinations at hand, I imagine the next decade of my life will run smoothly (as smooth as it can at least).

What I plan to manifest into 2020 and onward are as follows:

1. Investing Habits

Financial stability is key to me. There is nothing I want more than the ability to take care of myself and others without breaking the bank.

Now that I am in my 20’s, I want to work beyond having a mere savings account and work my way into stocks/bonds. 

Within doing so, I aim to expand my financial abilities, especially as I venture into the work field post-grad and actually have to #adult on my own.

2. Appreciating Life (More)

Freshman year of college Miranda walked on a cloud of gratitude. I had reached a huge milestone in my life by just making it to college, so nothing else mattered.

However, as time has gone on, I realized college would not be an escape of all my back home baggage.

College, like the rest of life comes with its ups and downs. I’ve spent the last year taking that hard to swallow pill and then learning how to maintain my happiness no matter what environment I find myself in.

Now that I have a better grasp on my emotions, I want to take that newfound control and

work on appreciating life, at my highs and lows, as I am alive and well and well--which is enough to be grateful for. 

3. Taking MYSELF Out

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate in college is my alone time. In my teens I dreaded having to do activities/outings such as going out to eat, getting my nails done, etc. alone.

Now there is nothing more I appreciate than being able to indulge in time well spent, with myself.

Doing so has made me explore my interests, passions, and inner thoughts in a way that was once unimaginable. Since I’ve mastered valuing my alone time, I now want to take that time spent to a new level.

Instead of waiting on a friend to accompany me to an event or location of interest, I can simply do it myself, because why wait on anyone to fulfill what I can give to myself.

While these goals are slim in numbers, they’re big in value. I envision that taking the initiative to feed my soul, will only further assist my development into the centered, self-motivated woman I aspire to be.

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