What Having A "#HotGirlSummer" Means To Me

Summer 2019 is thriving off the rise of women rappers that focus their careers on advocating sexual liberation, bag chasing, and living your best life. Huston hottie Meg Thee Stallion notoriously declared this season as a “hot girl summer” encouraging young women everywhere to live a limitless summer.

The hashtags #HotGirlSummer and #RealHotGirlShit have been all over the net used by everyone from your local girl next door, to the hottest celebrities. With the traction Meg Thee Stallion has gained from this movement, room for criticism has grown. Often times it seems that half of the world is screaming “real hot girl shit”, while the other half is tweaking the phrase to fit their lifestyles with variations such as:

“Self-improvement summer”

“Working girl summer”

“Hot girl summer...But with my man”

These twists on Meg’s movement have made me sneer in disgust a bit at how some women have chosen to #SlutShame the #HotGirlSummer movement by clearly removing themselves from the provocative aspect but manipulating it enough to enjoy the catchiness. 

As an up and coming rapper, Meg Thee Stallion focuses her lyrics on achieving success, obtaining wealth, and not accepting the bare minimum from sexual relationships. Her catchy verses and bumping beats make for not only good party songs, but words of motivation for young women everywhere. Her confidence is that of 10 male rappers, but because she’s a woman, her sexual remarks serve as the end all be all of what she stands for. 

To me, having a #HotGirlSummer is about being a phenomenal woman. It is about a plethora of activities such as; enjoying great weather, making memories with friends, chasing your goals (financially/in life), and most notably, sexual pleasure-whether that’s within a monogamous relationship, or with summer flings!

While these are aspects of life that we should always strive to indulge in, summer is the perfect time to get to what you want! The days are warmer, longer, and yours for the taking.

As someone who is thoroughly enjoying the time I have this summer to dive into personal projects, and emotional healing, as well as basking in the company of my long-term partner--I feel like a real hot girl! This is so as I am doing me, unapologetic, and carefree.

A #HotGirlSummer is about embodying confidence and living a life that makes you happy. That life could be hitting up every club event of the season, or that life could be about coming home from your 9-5, putting on a face mask, and drinking a glass of wine. 

What a #HotGirlSummer is not about is criticizing women/others around you for living a life of enjoyment that they choose to live.

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