The Return Of Wedge Sandals

The 2000’s was a decade encompassing a plethora of cringe-worthy fashion trends that a majority of the world mutually decided to leave in the past. One in particular being the wedge sandal.

Made out of various materials such as acrylic plastic, rubber, wooden cork, and leather: the vintage wedge sandal offered extreme versatility from casual to evangarte looks. 

The controversy and subsequent love/hate relationship however behind the sandals grew as the wedge appearance went against the grain of the standard heel with a chunky build.

Typically in womenswear, the heel is in place to elevate the body. By extending the leg length one’s body adapts to holding a straighter posture that ultimately results in an overall polished look.

The wedge sandal/heel on the other hand exists in the opposite realm with the thick/chunky build to add weight to one’s feet and by default creating disproportion in most outfits.

Most notably worn by celebrities like Jenifer Aniston, Christina Agulera, and Hilary Duff on red carpets and in notable 2000’s romantic comedies, wedge sandals trickled their way into the mainstream world of fashion fast. 

The sandals were worn commonly with sweatsuits and maxi/mini denim skirts by the average consumer. 

Although variations of the wedge sandal persisted with platforms, it was not until 2011-2014 where wedges became a huge wardrobe staple once again. Idealized by older demographics, moms on-the-go, and bold celebrities wedges came back in a more elevated fashion.

Everything from winged cutout wedges, bedazzled rhinestone add-ons, to sneaker wedges were a staple of the 2010 decade. While I personally don’t agree with a majority of those looks, the impact and ionic nature of them remains. 

Presently, in 2020 the wedge sandal is being reimagined by fashion moguls along the lines of Kim Kardashian sporting her husband’s Kanye West Yeezy Season 6 PVC wedges.

I have yet to see another celebrity/influencer of any sorts truly sport the look in general and definitely not in the Yeezy wedges.

The wedge sandal is a silent threat, a big stepper in the fashion industry as it has been redefined to work past its most common critiques. 

It’s sleek narrow wedge an inch or two high (minimum) alongside the thin mostly plastic thong to separate the toes refreshes the wedge look completely. 

In full, the revamped wedge sandals are sleek enough to accompany slanky, summer dresses just as well they’d accompany a casual jean short/blouse combination.

The reimagined silhouette curates room for a high fashion look on any consumer who is willing to take a stylistic risk.

Wedge sandals are the simplest, most comfortable way to literally elevate one’s look despite the daunting fear of the pieces being critiqued on a mainstream level. 

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