The Instagram “Aesthetic” That Is Taking Over Platforms Everywhere

Long gone are the days of endless Sugar Bear hair pill ads and overdone Facetuned selfies on Instagram. In comes the latest popular culture aesthetic of laid-back, bohemian notes, with neutral/muted colors, retro-film themed aesthetic. 

Instagram serves as a driving force for the latest “must-do’s” in media content creation. With the curation of various editing apps beyond filters and onto graphic design aspects, Instagram has grown into a platform beyond sharing photos, and now serves as a platform for the ultimate visual branding of one’s self, one’s company, etc.

Here are five aesthetically pleasing Instagram notes to try out:

1. Color Blocked Moment Bubbles

The creation of moment bubbles, also known as Instagram Highlights are “Unlike regular Instagram Stories that vanish after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights can live permanently on your profile. And because of their prime location directly under your bio and above your Instagram feed, it’s the perfect place to direct followers to your most valuable and interesting content.”

Being that the bubbles are beneath your bio, people often customize them to match their feed photos or profile picture. Sometimes they have animated images that represent the label, for example a novelist may have a highlight bubble of their “favorite reads” with a book icon as the cover.

While the animated options are a common go-to, the latest trend is color blocked covers that are often muted variations of the same color, OR bright colors that correspond with your overall posts such as:

2. The Soft VSCO Filter

& I opp sksksksks. “The VSCO girl” memes were a 2019 staple, highlighting the typical VSCO app user. VSCO before then was a seemingly underground photo editing app with presets to match any mood, time period, or color scheme.

The VSCO girl meme in particular highlighted the beach bum, wake up and go gals who obtain selfies in the best lighting (aka golden hour). 

With all laughs aside, on came The VSCO girl challenges of perfecting the golden hour photo which became the newest instagram aesthetic standard of the well-lit natural face shot on timelines everywhere. 

As seen below:

3. Color Schemed Feeds

While planned out feeds are not new at all, way more effort is going into the planning by everyday influencers and companies.

The largest trend at the moment is coordinating feeds per season. This is done through graphic design edits as well as through the use of filters.

Doing so allows Instagram users to dabble in various forms of editing while also maintaining a cohesive feed that is pleasing to look after grids 9+ photos are posted.

4. Intricate Story Designs

Details, details, details are key to aesthetically pleasing Instagram notes. The introduction of Insta-Story updates have brought in major room for creativity.

Everything from the color of fonts, to the positioning of location stickers, and even the use of Instagram’s marker features all play into the development of a dynamic story update.

Rather than just a simple post and go, it is now common for Instagram users to put a lot more time into adding little details to personalize each story update.

Here are a few various ways it’s done:

5. The Bohemian, Effortless, “Unconventional” Look

This right here ladies, gents, and non-binary folks is where Instagram has come full


For a few years (circa 2015-2017) the overall desirable look or trend was on the now oversaturated “IG Baddie” look which featured full face make-up looks, #ad posts, and the presentation of an extravagant life.

Presently, Instagram users have gone on to being more transparent about their lives in full. This, of course, varies for everyone but some of they key factors are being open about adversity, re-wearing outfits, and highlights that genuinely reflect your life.

This has also built up into the concept of an effortless lifestyle that has tied into the bohemian trend seen on every corner of Instagram.

Everything from the use of wicker basket purses, to mason jar drinking glasses, and the plant-parenting trend ties into the theme of down to earth, wholesome-ness that is reflected in the bohemian realm of style.

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