The Best Ways To Stay Both Productive & Creative During The Summer

Ah--Summer. The one season of the year that is dedicated almost completely to relaxation, vacation, and the complete opposite of productivity. 

While both mental and physical breaks are a must. For busy bodies like myself, it’s almost as if too long of a break can eat away at how accomplished I feel. While this reigns true at any point in the year, summer time emphasizes my struggle in finding a balance between both work and play, as I struggle to get in maximum beach and blog days.

This year in particular I’ve found the best ways to stay both productive and creative during the summer, here they are below:

1. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

A plan is nothing without preparation. What is it that you want to accomplish? 

A blog, a Youtube Channel, a film series, a clothing line, etc. How long will it take you to produce? What tools do you need to get it up and running? 

Answering these questions and plotting on the proper execution of your project will make it flow easier.

2. Organize 

Once your thoughts are in order, bring them to life! My personal favorite way of doing this is through journaling and with planners. This allows me to gather all of my thoughts, and set up how/when I want them done. 

3. Schedule 

After organizing what I want done, I schedule it by day. This can be very tedious but worth it in the end. I find that in the summer I am super busy meeting with friends, seeing family, and creating that sometimes it can be too easy to push off work as most independent projects are done without concrete deadlines.

However, if you go the extra-mile to create self-set deadlines you will find it harder to let yourself down. Plus once you have set days to work/produce it’ll be easier to kindly make plans around them. Thus giving you a balance of work and play!

4. Track Your Progress

This almost goes hand in hand with scheduling, but it's different in that it allows you set measures of achievement. Doing so will let you see how far you’ve come in a week, a month, etc. 

Not only will this validate your hard work, but it can serve as motivation for expecting even more of yourself. For example, maybe it previously took a week for you to produce a video, but over time you began to produce 2-3. Now you can raise how much progress you can expect of yourself week by week.

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