Introducing The Unbothered Wife: Fashion Icon, #GirlBoss, & Entrepreneur

Dazzling, bright, and a breath of fresh air are only a few words that I can use to describe Dinorah Dozal infamously known as @theunbotheredwife. In the year that we've known each other, Dinorah has gone from a full-time managerial position in retail, to owning and operating her own business via @theunbotheredwife blog platform.

Her shop is up and coming, but nonetheless hosts some of my most favorite summer items! This week I sat down with The Unbothered Wife to discuss her business, her aspirations, and words of empowerment for women who wish to do the same.

Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your age?

Hey There! I am Dinorah Dozal but my friends call me D! I am from Texas! You can guess my age a lady never tells..

How/When did you get started in retail?

I got started in retail many moons ago in 2001 when I opened my first store fresh out of college. 

Who is “The Unbothered Wife” as a persona, as a brand, and as an extension of yourself?

  • As a persona: The Unbothered Wife is a creative expression of who you are, exuding positivity & confidence. 

  • As a brand: I look to uplift everyone that walks in our doors. Creating an appealing, warm environment curated with all thigs beautiful. I want everyone that enters my shop to leave with a happy heart and a cheery disposition even if they don’t buy anything. People always remember how you treat them. 

  • As extension of myself: I am unbothered because my personality, and abilities all come from above. God has equipped me with everything I need to navigate life. That’s confidence so why worry or be bothered? 

How did you come up with the name “The Unbothered Wife”?

Well…chores and such aren’t really my thing. I am more of about creating than cleaning. One night I was trying to be cute, I told Ryan my soon to be hubby. I am The Unbothered Housewife and I am not making dinner. We shared a good laugh he thought it was hilarious. Since then I just started calling myself The Unbothered Wife it had a nice ring to it and it fit my personality. It all happened very organically. It was mean to be.

Define your brand in three words. Explain why.

Feminine, fun, & colorful like me!! In developing my personal style I’ve always been drawn to these 3 things. It’s only natural that my store is a reflection of who I am.

Who is The Unbothered Wife client/shopper?

Everyone!!! There’s a big problem with retailers and brand always wanting to label their clients/shopper as this or that. In my opinion you can’t pigeon hole customers like that. We are all “That IT GIRL” and we want it all!

The Unbothered Wife Fringe Bag

How does The Unbothered Wife function as a blog? What do you write about? Who do you write for? How often?

The Unbothered Wife Started as a blog that quickly spiraled into a pop-up shop. As a blog I’m just showcasing my passions writing about things that inspire me. You see as much as I love to write about things that inspire me retail is my first love.

Since The Unbothered Wife is a developing brand, what can we expect from it in the near/far future?

This week we are opening our first summer pop-up shop in the West Loop @ 725 W. Randolph. I am bringing southern hospitality to the Midwest. Creating the best shopping experience for our clients. Showcasing luxe baubles, stylish apparel, and fresh flowers. We are hoping to establish ourselves in the Chicago market and start popping up in a neighborhood near you.Long term we want to establish ourselves as one of Chicago’s go to stores. I dream big what can I tell ya?

The Unbothered Wife Pearl Earrings

What advice can you give to women who want to venture into store ownership/being their own boss?

Don’t let your dreams lie dormant. Activate your God given talents & go for it! Then hit the ground running, look to organizations like Accion and take advantage of all they have to offer. Never stop learning or asking questions. The most important thing we have to do as women in business is share our knowledge with each other. The sun shines for everyone so share what you know and edify someone today! The most rewarding part about being successful is helping other succeed.

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