Introducing Taylor Kobryn: CAU Alumna Endlessly Serving Her University

This article was originally written for an Interpretive Reporting Class at Clark Atlanta University: MMA 350.

CAU Alumna Taylor Kobryn has spent the last six years of her post-graduate career as a Google University Program Manager, with a sole position in recruiting students to careers at Google, devoting herself to CAU’s motto “culture for service.” 

Throughout her matriculation at CAU, Kobryn poured into the university by working outside of her schoolwork and being involved in organizing university wide  events, being a residential adviser, and becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, all of which contributed to her obtaining first positions at Google advertising/marketing executive,  primarily focusing on numeric work.

Defined as “my kind of woman,” by CAU Professor Dr.Georgianne Thomas. Kobryn represents “the best of both worlds” as she received a degree in Mathematics, but poured into creative outlets such as organizing university fashion shows. “If I had what Taylor does with duality, CAU would have never met me as a professor,” Thomas stated. 

Upon meeting Kobryn through the Black Googler Network in 2014, Google co-worker Corey Howard was fascinated by her bright, passionate energy. “I call Taylor a sunflower. She’s a ray of sunshine. She is such an amazing person and her being is altruistic. She doesn’t do things to gain a benefit, she does them because she cares,” Howard stated.

Since they’ve met they have remained close friends and now work together under Google’s University Programs initiative. Through the initiative, they curate events based on the interest of students nationwide to help them navigate career opportunities at Google.

After losing her parents back to back in 2011 and 2012, Kobryn’s dedication to her craft in Mathematics turned into a passion for life. Her time spent at CAU 

was centered on success in connecting with her peers, reaching personal milestones, and finding her way into the ideal career post-graduation. She now leads the University Programs team and aims to create a legacy of strength and commitment to herself and others, specifically at CAU.

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