I Went To A 2-Day Festival For $20

And I spent less than $10 on my outfit. (And, no-this is not clickbait)

Life truly will come at you in ways you would never expect. October was busy in the midst of working as a full-time college student, I had to mentally prepare for midterms, homecoming (at an HBCU, meaning it is of all seriousness) and the two-day festival at hand: Afro-Punk Atlanta. 

Afro-Punk is a musical festival that was founded in 2005 catered towards black people who were fans of alternative and punk music. The festival was made to give Afro-Punks a space to enjoy themselves in a setting that was not dominated by white people like the punk scene is in general. 

Presently, Afro-Punk now showcases: neo-soul ,rap and reggae to cater towards the interests of the black community as a whole. On top of bringing both big time and underground performers, the festival is a huge epicenter for black fashion.

The festival has plenty of paid photographers around to capture every moment and outfit, which assists in the promotion of the overall festival for years to come. Festival go-ers are featured endlessly in the company newsletters and on the @afropunck social media platforms to display true carefree blackness.

This method of interaction between the festival throwers and go-ers, is how I came about receiving a $20 two-day pass. Afro-Punk festival tickets run for around $55 for single day tickets and $110+ for a two-day pass. 

Once in a while, as any festival does, Afro-Punk offers promotions for raffled free or extremely discounted tickets. About three weeks before Afro-Punk Atlanta, I heard about an opportunity to get  two-day passes for half off. But, it was through a random selection process through emails that I missed out on. 

However, on a whim I went ahead and reached out to the @afropunk Instagram to ask for further discounts as an HBCU student for myself and my friends who have been featured on their Instagram page before. I asked and they delivered. Offering everyone featured in the photo $20 two-day passes, along with offering my entire university two-day passes for $50.

This of course led to the creation of phenomenal outfits on my end, as I used the money I was saving up for tickets to fund the looks I intended to serve. I dedicated day one to afrocentrism, and day two to punk, equalizing “Afro-Punk.”

Day one featured this adorable princess-esq ruffled dress. I purchased it at a Decatur thrift store for $3.49 (it was half-off of $7.99). I paired the dress with a vintage velour Juicy Couture purse to fully dedicate myself to the feminine look. For shoes I threw on some very old “white” Converse.

Day two featured edgy eye make-up as the focus of the look. I paired this KISS inspired face with these thrifted high waisted jeans with cross-tie detailing on the leg (purchased for $3) along with a bralette from Forever 21 that I already owned (ranging no more than $10).

This has been my third Afro-Punk experience thus far. Each year is increasingly better as far as the production, the experience, the vendors, the food, and the performers. Being able to experience every ounce of this festival for such a low rate has been nothing short of a privilege and amazing time.

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