20 Things I Learned Before 20

It’s July 2019. The sun is in Leo and the end of my teen years is near. A week from today I’ll be 20 years old. In my last two decades of life, I’ve learned quite a bit. Teenage years and life in general are full of nothing but mess, growth, and trial and error. Hopefully sharing what I’ve learned will be a lesson saved for you all regardless of age.

1. You can’t stress over what you cannot control

This is a daily affirmation. A mantra. A lesson I’ve learned time and time again and still struggle with maintaining. But once you get to a point of understanding that some things are beyond you, you’ll save a boatload of time and energy that can be used proactively elsewhere.

2. Life sucks but that’s okay

Pessimism or realism? A little bit of both. But truly, life is meant to be imperfect. You’re supposed to fall down and pick yourself up again on repeat until you’re six-feet under. But that is OKAY. It’s what accounts for your greatness, stories to tell, and experiences to live by. 

3. Affirmation brings the most to you

Speaking is believing in my world. I have affirmed every great thing that has happened to me. The power of attraction is real. For example, telling yourself “I’ll get my dream job” as you’re acting on obtaining that job will get you there. Same applies for everything else you want in life. 

4. A grateful spirit is a happy spirit

No matter who you are, there’s always someone out there who has less than you. Being grateful and maintaining a grateful spirit will allow you to focus on what you have versus what you do not. A mentality like that will allow you to focus on betterment instead of sulking in your misfortune.

5. An objective perspective gets you far

Being open will do nothing but assist you. Open to knowledge. Open to understanding. Open to sharing. Etc.

6. Life is about saying yes (but not too much)

In this sense, I mean trying new things. Go out on a whim. Enjoy the less practical aspects of life. HOWEVER, this does not mean being a yes man. Say yes to anything and everything that can account for a new experience or even to help a friend. But ever spread yourself to thin on the behalf of helping others. 

7. No relationship is worth your peace 

Familial, romantic, or platonic. All of the above. Toxicity is enough of a reason to cut anyone off. Never jeopardize your peace for the sake of others. 

8. Reflection will allow you to move forward 

In any sense reflection is key. In good or bad aspects of life it's important to note how you feel, what you enjoy, etc. in order to keep that aspect of life up.

9. Mistakes are bound to be made, laugh at them 

You will mess up, endlessly. Sometimes it's all at once, other times it’s sporadically. Work on fixing them and then laugh at how clueless you were to the outcome at the time.  

10.Never have less than $500 in savings (get it any way possible)

Sometimes this is not financially possible. But for those who do have the chance to work and save I suggest keeping $500 in a savings account or stashed away minimum. A rainy day is bound to come and it is better to be prepared with spare cash than to scramble later.

11. Organization is a key to success 

Organize your thoughts. Organize your coin. Organize your life and you will succeed. That’s it. That’s the post. 

12. What’s meant to be will be 

I believe that the good, the bad, and the ugly in everyone’s individual life is already destined to happen. So it’s better to just take life as it is and make meaning of it, rather than to fight it off.

13. Your insecurity is the last thing on someone else’s mind. They won’t notice if you don’t.

This is one of my biggest life keys. I spent a good amount of my teen years insecure about something different every year, until I realized that NO ONE cares until I do. Because of that I highly value confidence and maintaining a level of confidence that no one can take away from you. 

14. Always listen to your gut 

Your intuition will always steer you in the right direction, if you let it.

15. Learn something new everyday. It keeps you on your toes

While this can come off as a cornball statement, I promise that mental stimulation will always keep you on your a-game. There’s no better gift than the gift of knowledge.

16. Value your loved ones while you have them

This is self-explanatory but important to keep in mind. Time is limited with everyone in your life, therefore it's always ideal to get good memories in while you can. 

17. Follow your heart, lead with passion

Never settle for what doesn’t feel right in your heart. 

18. Speak your mind

19.Drama isn’t worth the stress

This is almost a direct tie in to “don’t stress over what you cannot control.” For whatever reason, drama can be seen as a peek of adolescence. A must so to speak. Whether its relationship drama or physical encounters. But the truth is, it is never worth the bigger consequences.

20. Make time for what you want 

You only have one life, so LIVE it! Make time for your hobbies, dreams, and goals. No one else will be able to do that for you.

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