Miranda Perez

Fondly know as @mimithegee, Miranda is a 20-year-old rising senior at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University pursuing a degree in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Print Journalism. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion forward and everyone in between. On an average day you can find her in line for her signature drink at Starbucks, researching the latest fashion trends, and advocating for social justice issues. The Gee Code is a platform dedicated to Miranda's personal thoughts, political opinions, lifestyle as a HBCU student, along with her work as a visionary in the fashion industry.

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Quite simply, "thegeecode" is a way of life. Being a "g" or in this play on words, a "gee" is all about commitment to one's self. A gee is someone who is gangsta in all positive nuances of the word. A gangsta is tough, strong-willed, a hustler, someone who knows that no one will get them where they need to go--but them. To live by the gee code is to believe in all entities of ones self, to embody confidence and resilience. 

 A Code To Live By



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